Sometimes they just stand out!

A little bit about me, my art and background to The Lady Mildred. I am lucky enough to live and work in beautiful Falmouth, mid Cornwall, with our wonderful rugged coastline and quaint little rural villages.

I started The Mildred in January 2018, after making Christmas presents for family and friends out of natural treasures from around my favourite coves and beaches, some of which are off the beaten track and only visible at low water. My favourite pastime is taking gentle walks along the beach in the evening, admiring all sorts of little shells, pebbles and sea glass which seem to glisten on the soft wet sand, catching my eye and making my heart do a little happy skip.

The Lady Mildred is named after my partners first fishing boat, apparently she was a pain in the backside, unpredictable and a relief to get shot of. To me she sounded like a free spirit who knew her own mind and was not to be tamed by any old fool! She was later bought by an enthusiast and used for pleasure sailing!

In memory of The Lady Mildred, could I be the one to tame her wild spirit and unpredictable nature? Sail her home through the rough and chop safely? Or simply work with her to bring this old working boat back to life and show her off in all her splendour and glory. And so The Lady Mildred is launched.....

I do hope you will share our journey x