Welcome to my online shop and new adventure in life

Its been a busy few days as I get the website finally up and running, with some new designs, alongside taking some time out to go beach combing. My favourite pastime.

I now have a beautiful collection of sea glass which I keep in my "special box", although the dark blues seem harder to come across.

Did you know that dark blue sea glass (Cobalt blue) is one of the rarest?  Medicines and poisons were historically bottled in blue and these little treasure finds take years to form into true sea glass. The process starts when ordinary glass gets repeatedly tumbled and ground by the energy of the sea and sand, over and over again.

The best time to hunt for sea glass is during and after a spring tide or as I've found after a great storm and high winds. Probably not the best time to be on the shoreline unless you're well wrapped up and vigilant. I cant tell you how many times I have been caught off guard by the surf and spray whilst bending down to pick up rocks!

Although, it certainly makes you feel alive...... 



  • Hello Sharon – love your blog and your website! Best of luck. Sally x

    Sally Potter
  • I enjoyed reading your first blog and the site looks amazing. The best place for sea glass is near to old shipping ports and docs apparently 😃


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