Are you feeling spring like?

I'm a little late on posting, mainly due to catching up and recharging the batteries following the Christmas period.

Thank you to everyone who bought from me over the Christmas period, every sale was lovingly and carefully packaged and sent to all sorts of destinations, some of which I've never heard of.  December was a phenomenal month in terms of sales and I have learned an awful lot about planning ahead, albeit I'm a little behind with updates-a good lesson learned!!

So, the New Year started with lots of turbulent weather here in Cornwall, with high winds and rain, rain...... and yes more rain!!!  Although I've got to say it hasn't really felt like a long winter as such and we've had some beautiful sunshine recently to melt away the blues.

I'm sure, like me you are all looking forward to the promise of spring just around the corner and lazy summer days!

On that note I'm sharing some beautiful photos of our Cornish beaches-my inspiration for just about everything. Holding out for more beautiful weather and strolls along the beach x

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